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What not to do on OKCupid: Is Feminism inherently flawed?

What not to do on OKCupid: Is Feminism inherently flawed?:


A friend of mine and I were talking the other day. I’ve been thinking about it ever since and want to share with you what we’ve come up with. Also, I’d really like your opinions. If we can create an actual dialog, that’d help me resolve the issue she has with using the term Feminist/m to describe…

I see feminism as an underlying ideology that informs everything that we do. So I don’t see a contradiction in feminists standing up for LBGT and other groups who are subject to any type of abuse. And this includes men too – it’s okay to recognize their suffering, although I think with all these things it’s helpful to maintain a sense of perspective. 

Oh, and men can definitely be feminists. And they should be. The patriarchy affects them too, and what happens to the women around them affects them. Like @notsoniceguys says, it’s perfectly fine to be anti-racist without being subject to racism. It is short-sighted and silly to exclude men from feminism. Accept them as feminists, and instead of emphasizing that they can’t understand what we go through, try to help them understand. They’ll become richer persons for understanding what life is like for the other half of the population, and feminism will grow stronger as more and more men feel comfortable saying they are feminist. And them telling their mates that something they did to a woman isn’t okay can be a more effective way to change behaviour than our marches. 

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